Monday, May 4, 2009

big fish

I read the book Big fish, and I watched the movie Big fish, so first, I want to tell how different the book is from the movie. And second, I want to give my idea why the director changed the movie. Then, I will judge whether that was good or not.

First, I found many different points, but I will show you some of them. First is the story of Edward and Karl. Karl is such a giant man. He grew up so fast, so his mother could not take care of him, and she left her house. When he noticed that his mother was gone, he was very hungry. But he could not make meals by himself, so he ate all corn, apples, and a dozen dogs in his town. People became so angry. Then Edward visited his place to become a sacrifice, but Karl didn’t eat him. According to the book, after that, Karl became a farmer with the people. But, in the movie, Karl left the Ashland with Edward, and he found the job in a circus. Second is the story of Edward winning Sandra. According to the book, Edward fell in love with her in the town of Auburn, but he didn’t approach her for a long time. But one day when he saw a scene that she talked and laughed with a man who is from Ashland, Edward decided to talk to her, and asked her for a date. The approach succeeded, and they did date. One day they went to a mountain to drive. When they kissed, Don Price who loves Sandra, came to their car. And Edward and Don did fight to get Sandra. Finally, Edward won the battle and Edward and Sandra married. On the other hand, according to the movie, he met Sandra at the circus, and he fell in love at first sight. But he had no idea who she was, so he worked in the circus for three years to figure out who she was. After that, finally he got information about her. Therefore he left the circus to meet her and propose to her. However, unfortunately when he was able to meet her, she was already engaged to Don Price, who came from Ashland. Edward was depressed, but he never gave up trying to marry Sandra. And one day he bought a lot of daffodils. She was coming to love him, but at the same time, Don showed up in front of them, and he started to beat Edward up. In the fight, Edward didn’t fight back with him, so Edward lost the fight. However, finally Sandra chose Edward as a husband.

Second, I will talk about my idea what are reasons the director changed the movie. I believe the director want to connect between story and story. In the book, most of stories are independent, but in the movie, the story is connected. And I believe the movie version is more romantic than the book. In the movie, Edward worked in a circus for three years to get information about her, but in the book he didn’t do anything and just watched her for a long time.

Third, I want to judge this movie. I think this movie is good. It is much easier to understand the whole story than the book. And it is more romantic.

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