Monday, May 4, 2009

big fish

I read the book Big fish, and I watched the movie Big fish, so first, I want to tell how different the book is from the movie. And second, I want to give my idea why the director changed the movie. Then, I will judge whether that was good or not.

First, I found many different points, but I will show you some of them. First is the story of Edward and Karl. Karl is such a giant man. He grew up so fast, so his mother could not take care of him, and she left her house. When he noticed that his mother was gone, he was very hungry. But he could not make meals by himself, so he ate all corn, apples, and a dozen dogs in his town. People became so angry. Then Edward visited his place to become a sacrifice, but Karl didn’t eat him. According to the book, after that, Karl became a farmer with the people. But, in the movie, Karl left the Ashland with Edward, and he found the job in a circus. Second is the story of Edward winning Sandra. According to the book, Edward fell in love with her in the town of Auburn, but he didn’t approach her for a long time. But one day when he saw a scene that she talked and laughed with a man who is from Ashland, Edward decided to talk to her, and asked her for a date. The approach succeeded, and they did date. One day they went to a mountain to drive. When they kissed, Don Price who loves Sandra, came to their car. And Edward and Don did fight to get Sandra. Finally, Edward won the battle and Edward and Sandra married. On the other hand, according to the movie, he met Sandra at the circus, and he fell in love at first sight. But he had no idea who she was, so he worked in the circus for three years to figure out who she was. After that, finally he got information about her. Therefore he left the circus to meet her and propose to her. However, unfortunately when he was able to meet her, she was already engaged to Don Price, who came from Ashland. Edward was depressed, but he never gave up trying to marry Sandra. And one day he bought a lot of daffodils. She was coming to love him, but at the same time, Don showed up in front of them, and he started to beat Edward up. In the fight, Edward didn’t fight back with him, so Edward lost the fight. However, finally Sandra chose Edward as a husband.

Second, I will talk about my idea what are reasons the director changed the movie. I believe the director want to connect between story and story. In the book, most of stories are independent, but in the movie, the story is connected. And I believe the movie version is more romantic than the book. In the movie, Edward worked in a circus for three years to get information about her, but in the book he didn’t do anything and just watched her for a long time.

Third, I want to judge this movie. I think this movie is good. It is much easier to understand the whole story than the book. And it is more romantic.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gyaru vs middle age women

Recently women have a stronger right than past. Especially, I believe that teenager women and middle age women have powerful opinions. Do you know gyaru? They are Japanese female teenagers who wear hot fashion. In general, their behavior is bad. They sit in front of convenience store that is 24 hors stores. And they hang out until midnight. Even police ask them “Don’t do that,” they never change their style, and argue them. They don’t have responsibility for their life, and they don’t care what are they watched by people. So they can do anything what they want to do. In the meantime, middle age women are also vigorous. In general, when they get disadvantage, they do very strong argument. For example, in the restaurant, if they got someone’s hair or something wrong things in their dishes, they argue waitress or waiter. “It is too rude, and I don’t want to pay for this dish. You should give us something advantage.” They are lost to shame, and they don’t feel scare anything. Therefore, if gyaru and middle age women fight, which will win? I think middle age women are stronger than Gyaru because they have mare knowledge than Gyaru. However, if men take part in this battle, they will help Gyaru because they like young women. Therefore, middle age women will become little weak. But they are really strong I believe because they have big network. If they will strike, Japanese society would stop. And people who help gyaru would apologize them. So I can say middle age woman is stronger than Gyaru.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Unique food!!!

The strangest food for me is ant with covered chocolate!!!! I ate it here in Carbondale, (same time as Anna, in last term’s EAP2 core class.) First, when I saw it, I thought that it was weird.L But when I ate it, and the taste was totally white chocolate.J Some of my classmate ate worms, and they said, “It is delicious” and “Give me more.” I could believe it because ant was also delicious. But I didn’t eat the worm’s one because the looks was so weird. Why we ate these insects in core class? The reason is that we were learning environmental problems this time. And we learned that insects have a lot of proteins, so we ate insects. However, I may not buy these eatable insects because there are many food that have proteins and visual is so nice in grocery store. I’m glad to come here because I can try much kind of international foods. I love to challenge everything. So I tried a lot of food that I cannot try in Japan. Most of them I liked, but I cannot eat goat curry that is from Jamaica. When I went to Miami, my host family made it. They made a lot of Jamaican foods, and most of them I liked, but I cannot goat curry because its smell makes me sick. However, I’m glad to eat goat because I cannot eat it in Japan. I will leave here soon, so before I leave here, I want to try many unique foods. Also, before I come back to Japan, I will go to Mexico, so I want to try unique Mexican food.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My life was priceless...

If I would die tomorrow, I want to write in my epitaph "My life was priceless."Although some people think that we can buy experience with money such as sightseeing, but I think that experience is wealth of life, and we can not buy experience with money such as making friends. Terefore, if there is a person who has a lot of experiences, he or she has great wealth. In my case, I had a lot of experiences till today. The biggest experience is coming to America. Thanks to this studying abroad, I can get many adventures. I want to introduce some experiences. First, I could eat American foods that I can not eat in Japan. I live in Neely, so I can eat American foods every day. Even I'm tired of these foods, I enjoy eating that. Second, I could get on a plane by my self and I could go many places by my self. Before I came here, I had never book and get on a plane by my self. But after I came here, I went to Miami and Spain by my self. I can gat confidence because of these experiences. Third, I could meet many people, and I could be friend with them who come from all over the world. Before I came here, I had never talked to other countries' people except American. But since I came here, I could talk to Chinese, Korean, Saudi Arabian, Taiwanese, and so on, and I could learn many different cultures. So I can say I had a lot of experiences and I was very happy. I really apreciate my parents because If my parents didn't allow that I go abroad, I can't have these experiences. So I want to tell thanks to my parents. I beilve that my perents' hapiness is my hapiness, so I want to write in my epitaph "My life was priceless." This phrase includes these means that "I was very satisfied my life," "I was glad to born," and "I apreciated my parents."

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I will introduce "Gothloli" that people who wear "Gothloli" fashion. What is "Gothloli" fashion? It is mixed "Gothic and Lolita" fashion. "Gothic fashion" is a clothing style that is influenced by medieval Europe. People who wear "Gothic fashion" like black color, so they use it a lot. For example, they wear black clothing, dye their hair dark, use black eye shadow. The style stands for devil, vampire, and death. On the other hand, "Lolita fashion" is a clothing style that is influenced by Rococo era that is 18th century in France. People who wear "Lolita fashion" like pink, white, and frill; therfore, they look like little girls. The style stands for lovely, pure, and virgin. People who wear "Gothlolli fashion" like black and frill, so they wear balck dress with frill. The style is influenced by not only "Gothic" and "Lolite", but also visual kei that is a kind of band who wear fancy clothing and making up. Most of them are young women. They are not admitted by most people like Otaku. Thus they can't go to school or work with the fashion. Most of "Gothloli" people wear that just for fun. If you visit Japan, you can meet them especialy in Tokyo and Osaka. Recently foreigners pay attention to the fashion, so many foreigners visit Japan to get the clothing. In Japan Expo at Paris, the "Gothloli fashion" are introduced, and the fashion are imported from Japan. I'm glad to be accept Japanese cultuer in foreign countries.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flag of Japan

There were two flags which are known as a national flag in Jpan. One is called ''Nisssyo-ki'', ohter is called ''Kyokujitsuki''. ''Kyokujituki'' is more common among foreigners and they may think that ''Kyokujitsuki'' is flag of Japan, but it is wrong. On August 13, 1999, Japanese govorment established a law about flag of Japan. Accoding to the law, the flag of Japan is ''Nissyo-ki''. This flag's base color is white, and at the center there is a red circle which indicate sun. The size is two units length by three units width (2:3). The size of red circle's diameter is three by five length (3:5). ''Kyokujitsuki'' also have a sun as a symbol. But strictly speaking, the sun incidents rising sun. Moreover, ''Kyokujituki'' used to use in Japanese navy, and now it is used by "self-defence forces". So "Nissyo-ki" and "Kyokujistuki" have different means for Japanese people.
"Nissyo-ki" has a long history from before 7th century. Japanese people have admired the sun as a god or thing that have a mystic force; therefor, Japanese peple put the sun as a symbol in flag. But untill 1999, they didn't enact the flag of Japan because of background of WWⅡ. After WWⅡ, GHQ who are American occupided Japan, and they enjoin flying a Japanese flag, so many years Japanese goverment didn't enact a national flag. However, since 1990's there were a lot of problems about ''Nissyo-ki''. One of problems is death of president of high school. Some teachers againsted flying the flag, so the president killed by himself. After the incient, Japanese govorment established a law of flag to avoid the incident again.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Whenever I hear "Sotsugyo syashin," I remember my high school life. What is "Sotsugyo Shasin"? It is a song that is sung by Yumi Matutoya who is a famous singer in Japan. "Sotsugyo syasin" means year book. The words said one day, a woman opened year book, and she remembered  her school life. I like this song. Every year, my high school's brass band played that song in graduation ceremony. Therefore, whenever I hear that tune, I remember my high school life. The graduation  ceremony usually take place in gymnasium, so I remember first my club that is basket ball, and next I remember my class teacher. I really enjoyed high school life, so whenever I hear that song, I feel good. I hope that I get a song here in carbondale like "sotsugyo shasin."